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The Prime Group

The mission of The Prime Group is that our agents sell homes. They build relationships. They problem-solve. They negotiate. They go into scary basements. They discover neighborhoods. They obsess over ....

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Apr 27 2022 72782 1


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Are you getting married this year? CONGRATULATIONS! 💍 That's a huge milestone in your life!What could be better than capping one milestone with another? Buying a home to share with your

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Are you planning to sell your home in 2020? I know so many people who are! As we draw to a close on 2019, over 4,600 homes have already sold in our area* and I expect that number to be

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Do you know the difference between your VantageScore and FICO Score? Don't worry - a lot of folks don't! But don't panic, they're different, but not THAT different. Watch this short video for an

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